Picture This Productions partnered with UNICEF in the production of 360 documentary experience ‘The Journey’ – that went on to win the Cine Golden Eagle Award for Best VR Short 2018. The 360 film (which premiered as a multisensory installation at SXSW 2018) traces the journey through childhood in 3 of the toughest environments on Earth. Meet 3-year-old Amina in the distant ‘Afar’ region of Ethiopia, trying to find enough food and water to survive during the worst drought in 30 years; 10-year-old Changkouth, living in conflict-ridden South Sudan, trying to get an education and avoid being recruited as a child soldier, in the country with the highest proportion of out-of-school children in the world; and 18-year-old Mani in Chad – ostracized by her community because she is living with HIV, but determined to change minds and using social media to rally support.
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